Window Cleaning

Our company is one of the most trusted names in the cleaning sector and we have been operating in London ever since our establishment many years ago. We offer a wide range of cleaning and maintaining services, including window cleaning.

We know how hard and challenging window cleaning can be which is why we offer you to do it for you. Why waste elbow grease and energy when the professionals at our company are willing to do it for you?

At our company we approach every single day with the very same focus: to be your long-term partner, with true commitment to efficiency, safety and high quality of window cleaning services.

Our cleaning teams

Window CleaningInternalExternal
One Bedroom Flat £17 £40
Two Bedroom House £25 £50
Three Bedroom House £30 £70
Four Bedroom House £45 £75
Five Bedroom House £60 £100
Six Bedroom House £70 £125

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    We have the amazing chance to work with some of the most dedicated and friendly cleaners. Our specialists are qualified, insured and properly trained to deal with any challenge, all while providing our customers with exceptional value. For the peace of your mind, they have been background-checked.

    We simply know how to work smart and diligently to have the job professionally done in the quickest manner possible while providing excellent outcome. We can clean your windows to an extremely high standard!

    We have been working in the field long enough not to be afraid to go high. We have the experience and the power!

    Why choose us?

    Dirty windows can make your home look less attractive. If you are trying to sell the property, having guests in the weekend or just want to pride yourself on the look of your precious home, transparently clean windows go a long way in transforming your home.

    Most people hate cleaning the windows so they often neglect it. However, it should be done on a regular basis. What we offer you is to get in touch with us and give our professional cleaning service a chance. It will be delivered by the most hard-working cleaners you have ever met. They know how to bring the sparkle back.
    If you find our offer intriguing, do not waste more precious time and get in touch with us straight away. We are open seven days a week and we even work on weekends and bank holidays. Our window cleaning service comes at attractive rates, call us and see for yourself.